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We run a small home breeding cattery, registered with the International British shorthair Cat Club IBSCC, running under the auspices of the WCF.

Our experience with British cats began in October 2008, when at a cat show in Lublin,I saw long-haired British cats. Fasinated by their fantastic fur and look I returned home with a chocolate male. Aslan (at home Adas), became a partner to play for our black female Anna – European race. In March 2009 we decided to register Adas for a cats exhibition and then it turned out that this is a male of exceptional beauty and very good in type. Adas won the exhibition in the junior class and won the first place in the WCF Ring. It was then that we came up with the idea of setting up a cattery. Since it is a new breed, acknowledged in 2008, we could not find a suitable female. It was January 2010 that a beautiful, blue female Lucy joined us. Currently, our cat family counts as many as eight cats, looked after by Anna, the good nanny cat for them ail.


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Artur Kowalski and family